3 Situations When it's Ideal to Hire a Building Code Consultant

Dealing with any kind of real estate comes with a lot of fine print that the current or potential owner will have to navigate. But one particular area that can be overlooked when designing a new home or building or purchasing a new piece of property is making sure that the home or building in question meets local municipal standards. Truthfully, the average real estate buyer may not even be aware of what the local codes state is required for a given piece of property. This is where building code consultants can come to the rescue. Here are 3 situations where it may be a good idea to hire a consultant to inspect a piece of property.

You're Building a New Home

If you own a piece of land and intend to build a new home from the ground up, a building code consultant could be key. The consultant can work with the architect or construction company that you hire to make sure that your entire design stays within the boundaries of local laws and codes. You don't want to finish building your home and then get hit with building code violation that will cost you money on top of the amount it will be to actually fix the problem.

You're About to Buy a New Piece of Property

A building code consultant can also be useful to someone looking to acquire new property. If the home or building you are buying is especially old, it may have fallen out of line with local regulations and the current owner might not even be aware. If the building code consultant finds the problem before the sale is closed, you can actually ask the current owner to fix the problem or to take some money off of the asking price to address the issue.

You Need a Safety Check-up

If you own a building where the public can freely come and go, you will of course want to make sure the building is safe and sound not just when you purchase it but for many years to come. A company that specializes in building codes will be able to not just keep you on the right side of the law, they will also likely be able to spot any potential areas that could lead to trouble in the future.

Building code consultants can be used to make sure that your new home or other purchased property stays on the right side of the law. A good consultant will work with your architect to ensure that your new home is built correctly the first time around. A consultant could even potentially save you money when buying a piece of property if the problems are found before the sale is closed. Building consultants can also make sure that a building open to the public remains not just legal but safe for a long time to come.

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