Own A Bakery? A Few Reasons To Join A Bakery Association

If you own a bakery or are thinking about starting one, you are probably constantly looking for ways to increase your business, find deals on supplies, and get help with general business operations. One way to accomplish all of this is by joining either a local, state or national bakery association. Here are a few of the benefits you can enjoy when you become a member.

Increase Your Business

Other businesses may have the need for baked goods, either for special events or as part of an ongoing demand for their own establishments. For example, a small grocery or convenient store might want to supply baked goods to their customers, a business office might want some type of pastry for their morning meetings, or perhaps a company will need desserts for a party. These people will often look to trade associations to find the bakery to fill their needs.


One of the reasons big businesses make so much money is buying in bulk. When you join a bakery association you will become networked with other bakeries and suppliers. You may receive special deals offered only to members because they know they will sell a bigger supply to the whole organization. In addition, you can group together with other bakeries and buy in bulk, splitting the supplies among the group, even when there is not a special deal in place.

General Business Operations

Being a small business owner comes with many responsibilities. You will have to have insurance on the business, the premises, any vehicles, and if you have employees you will need worker's compensation and possibly health insurance for your workers. Paying for these as a sole business can be very expensive. When you are part of a larger organization, you can get better deals. Any time you can network or group your business with others you will receive better deals on insurance rates of all kinds. As an added benefit, you may have access to lawyers and accountants at reduced rates too.

Joining a trade association is always good for your business, and bakeries are no exception. While the other members are also your competition, when you are in an association together you can talk and work together in many ways, instead of trying to always be against each other. You don't have to give away any of your secrets or recipes, but it can be nice to get another baker's input on some things.

For more information, contact a bakery association like The RPia Group.

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