Three Necessary Cloud-Computing Connections for Work-at-Home Offices

Employees being able to telecommute can mean wonderful things for running your company. If your employees are able to telecommute instead of needing to be in the same workspace or even the same city or state, you will be able to dip into talent pools in a number of other places. One of the biggest issues with everyone working from home is finding dedicated methods for communication. If you have a work-from-home workforce, here are some ways that cloud computing will be able to help your workforce keep in touch.

Password-protected cloud documents

If there are storage documents that you need to operate your business but may contain trade secrets or information that is sensitive, using email will not work, as email accounts are some of the easiest things to hack. For this reason, documents that are locked in the cloud will make sense as far as training or information tools are concerned. Make sure that the passwords are also provided in a manner that is not through email and cannot be accessed by others. 

VoIP Services for meetings

When you do not share an office, meetings can become especially important. Accessing VoIP services will make it easier to have meetings over cloud functions. Yet another thing that you may want to do is save all of the meetings in the cloud to be accessed at a later date. If you have a number of workers that are in different time zones or even different countries, they may not be able to attend every meeting. Although they can't attend the meeting, they will be able to hear the information that was given out. This is a good way to introduce changes into the workplace and keep everyone abreast without having annoy workers by having meetings during what to them is the middle of the night. 

Instant-messaging services

Sometimes you need to ask a question and get a response right away. In order for a company and its employees to be a cohesive unit, there should be a method for constant and instant communication. Cloud-based instant-messaging services can be set up to allow employees access to messenger services that only run for business employees. The messenger should show when everyone is logged in and what time and date all messages are received and read. If you have a workforce that has to meet up with clients, make sure to select a cloud-based messaging service that can be accessed on the cloud via the phone, tablet, and computer. 

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