Factors To Consider When You Are Purchasing Proposal Software

If you work in the consulting field, you may find yourself constantly writing proposals and sending them to various companies. These proposals are basically bids for work, listing the services you will provide and at what cost. However, writing out proposals for every opportunity you come across can be time consuming and take away from the time in which you can actually be making money. This may be why you are looking to purchase proposal software, or RFP software. This software streamlines the process of writing out and submitting proposals. But with so many different types of software, you may struggle to find the best one for you. Here are a few factors to keep in mind as you shop for proposal software, like Expedience Software, for example, that can help you guide you toward the right software for you.

What Platforms the Software Works With

One of the key features to consider as you shop for proposal software is what platforms or other programs the software works with. Some software works with Microsoft Word, NetSuite, or QuickBooks. If you are familiar with a platform, or already write many of your proposals in a platform, finding software that is compatible with that program will make it easier for you to import your existing proposals and help you feel comfortable while using the program. Taking the time to learn a new platform can be time consuming, so using one you are already familiar with can be a huge advantage.

What All You Can Do With the Software

Another factor to consider is what all you can do with the RFP software. Some software simply allows you to write and track proposals. Others allow you to complete the full range of tasks for your business, including writing out proposals, tracking invoices, and managing projects. Being able to use one program for all of your business needs minimizes the amount of software you have to purchase and install on your computer.

If They Offer Digital Signatures

The last feature you need to pay attention to when shopping for proposal software is whether the software offers a digital signature. In order for a proposal to be binding, the proposal must be signed. Some software allows you to electronically, or digitally, sign the proposals you submit. Others require you to manually sign them. There are pros and cons to both methods. If you have decided being able to digitally sign is right for you, look for software that allows you to do so.

Selecting proposal software can be challenging. There are many different options out there. However, taking the time to learn about important factors will help you zero in on the software that is ideal for you.

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